Frequently asked questions


What type of GPS is this?

We use a 5" Garmin Drive 50 GPS system. This is a refurbished unit with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

How is this powered?

The unit requires a constant 12v power, it includes a 12v power cord that plugs into a cigarette plug. You  can hard wire a USB cord for this unit, be sure to use a 2.1a power source. 

Does it include a mount & is it waterproof?

It does include a suction mount that you might use for a windshield in a  SXS or car. With all the different variables based on user preference  and machine set up we do not include any other mounting.


Does it cover XYZ area?

Please feel free to check out the preview of each map set. If you need assistance with a certain area we can certainly provide you with the information if you shoot us a message.

I'm going away this weekend, can you get it here by then?

We ship all of our orders as soon as possible, usually with in 1-2 business days after the order is received. Since most of them ship to places in New England most of our customers experience a 1-3 business day TRANSIT time. We can not guarantee a delivery day, once we get the package to UPS the timing is out of our control. All packages will ship with tracking.

Will it fit or work with my machine / I don't have a 12v outlet....?

The GPS unit will work with any machine. As for an outlet, you can wire a 12v plug to almost any machine, even if it isn't electric start. Please consult your owners manual, you should be able to find a hot wire and wire in a 12v plug or USB plug.